Company Profile

  Sunrise Background: 
Sunrise is family owned seeds company established in 2002 and managed in two different offices based in Italy and USA with international presence in the Middle East espicaily Jordan and Africa.

Sunrise team has extensive work experience, adheres to quality customer service, and provides flexible and dependable logistics operation. Sunrise also operates an extensive trialing network across the region.
In addition, Sunrise in a  short period of time has managed to establish its brand as a high quality reliable vegetable seeds, especially in key markets like Egypt, Algeria ,Jordan and other Middle East countries.

  Sunrise Objectives & Strategies:
  1. Become major market player in the Vegetable Seed Business in Middle East and Africa.
  2. Expand our distribution network via multi-brand strategy to cover more countries & segments in the region.
  3. Introduce innovative varieties to ensure leading the market rather than following competition.
  4. Focus on high value crops that meets the requirements of key markets.
  5. Wide portfolio that covers different sub-segments within the key crops.